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Please note that this is not the "ultimate" collection of Phil Ochs' chords. It only contains the chords to a few Phil Ochs songs that are either obscure or rare. If you're looking for chords to songs like There but for Fortune or Changes or I Ain't Marching Anymore, Trent's website might be the place you'd like to visit: lyrics and chords, as complete as possible.

It was my friend Boot Leg who suggested me to do a chords page for Phil Ochs, after seeing my Tom Paxton Chords Collection page, because a lot of songs don't have chords on Trent's website, and there are a lot of mistakes too. If you want to request the chords to a particular song that is unavailable on this page, feel free to post a request in our forum.

It's been about 10 years since Trent's website was last updated, so this page is more an "addition" than a "collection". It will only have the chords to Phil's songs that are not on Trent's website. (If Trent's website has them, it has them wrong.) I won't guarantee that the chords on my page are 100% correct, but 99% accurate at least... I would listen to a song for several times to confirm one single chord.

The chords marked with an asterisk "*" are taken from official sources, either Broadside Magazines or The War Is Over Songbook. The chords marked with two asterisks "**" were transcribed by other people and I've double checked accurate, but not from official sources. The rest were all transcribed by myself.

To leave a comment on my website, please visit the Guestbook. For a collection of Phil's concert setlists, please visit this page on my website.

Please forward any addition or correction to ddpro@163.com. You can also post in the site forum's "corrections and suggestions" board here. Thanks!

Jason Wang


All Quiet on the Western Front - Chords
All Was Silent in the Land - Chords
Automation Song - Chords
A Year to Go By - Chords
Ballad of
John Train - Chords
Ballad of Sonny Liston - Chords
Bay of Pigs - Chords
Bobby Dylan Record - Chords
Bullets of Mexico
- **Chords
City Boy - Chords
City Life - Chords
Firehouse 35
First Snow - *Chords
Goin' to the Mountain - Chords
Hazard, Kentucky
I Like Hitler
I'll Be There
It's Been a Long, Long Story
Just One of Those Days - **Chords
Kansas City Bomber - Chords
Monroe Town - Chords
Never Bet Against the Yankees
Never Again
New Town - Chords
No Men Are Strangers - Chords
On My Way
On Her Hand a Golden Ring
Red Was the Blood of the Man
Sing Along With Me - *Chords
Smash Flop Hits
Song of My Returning - Chords
Street Actor - **Chords
They Were Ready for That Day
The Trial - Chords
What's That I Hear? - *Chords
Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way
William Moore - **Chords

You Can't Get Stoned Enough - Chords
You Should Have Been Down in Mississppi - *Chords
You're Full of Shit
Your Eyes Will Taste of the Flowers - Chords


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