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Guy Clark (November 6, 1941 – May 17, 2016) was an American country and folk singer-songwriter. He was originally from Monahans, Texas, but eventually settled in Nashville with his wife, Susanna Clark. He's been described as "Nashville's best-kept secret" and a "songwriter's songwriter".

One of Bob Dylan's six favorite songwriters, Guy's songs have been recorded by Johnny Cash, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jimmy Buffett, John Denver, Bobby Bare, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney and numerous others. He had also been a mentor to such other singer-songwriters like Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, Darrell Scott, Shawn Camp and Ray Stephenson. He won the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Folk Album: My Favorite Picture of You.

I searched the web but didn't find a website for Guy Clark songs, so I decided to make this page myself to create a collection of Guy Clark chords and lyrics as complete as possible. It's still under construction by now. If you want to request the chords to a particular song that is still unavailable on this page, feel free to post a request in our forum.

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1975 - OLD NO. 1

01. Rita Ballou
02. L.A. Freeway
03. She Ain't Goin' Nowhere - Chords
04. A Nickel for the Fiddler
05. That Old Time Feeling - Chords
06. Texas, 1947 - Chords
07. Desperados Waiting for a Train
08. Like a Coat From the Cold - Chords
09. Instant Coffee Blues - Chords
10. Let Him Roll


01. Texas Cookin'
02. Anyhow, I Love You
03. Virginia's Reel
04. It's About Time
05. Good to Love You Lady
06. Broken Hearted People
07. Black Haired Boy
08. Me I'm Feelin' the Same
09. The Ballad of Laverne and Captain Flint
10. Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You
11. The Last Gunfighter Ballad

1978 - GUY CLARK

01. Fool on the Roof
02. Fools for Each Other - Chords
03. Shade of All Greens
04. Voilà, An American Dream
05. One Paper Kid
06. In the Jailhouse Now
07. Comfort and Crazy
08. Don't You Take It Too Bad
09. The Houston Kid
10. Fool on the Roof Blues


01. Who Do You Think You Are
02. Crystelle
03. New Cut Road
04. Rita Ballou
05. South Coast of Texas
06. Heartbroke
07. The Partner Nobody Chose
08. She's Crazy for Leavin'
09. Calf-Rope
10. Lone Star Hotel


01. Blowin' Like a Bandit
02. Better Days - Chords
03. Homegrown Tomatoes
04. Supply and Demand
05. The Randall Knife
06. The Carpenter - Chords
07. Uncertain Texas
08. No Deal
09. Tears
10. Fool in the Mirror


01. Old Friends
02. Hands
03. All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad - Chords
04. Immigrant Eyes
05. Heavy Metal
06. Come From the Heart
07. Indian Cowboy
08. To Live Is to Fly
09. Watermelon Dream - Chords
10. Doctor Good Doctor


01. Baton Rouge
02. Picasso's Mandolin - Chords
03. How'd You Get This Number?
04. Boats to Build
05. Too Much
06. Ramblin' Jack and Mahan
07. I Don't Love You Much, Do I?
08. Jack of All Trades
09. Madonna w/Child ca. 1969
10. Must Be My Baby


01. Dublin Blues
02. Black Diamond Strings
03. Shut Up and Talk to Me
04. Stuff That Works
05. Hank Williams Said It Best
06. The Cape
07. Baby Took a Limo to Memphis
08. Tryin' to Try
09. Hangin' Your Life on the Wall - Chords
10. The Randall Knife

1997 - KEEPERS

01. Baton Rouge
02. L.A. Freeway
03. Texas, 1947
04. Like a Coat from the Cold
05. Heartbroke
06. The Last Gunfighter Ballad
07. Better Days - Chords
08. Homegrown Tomatoes
09. She Ain't Goin' Nowhere
10. South Coast of Texas
11. That Old Time Feeling
12. A Little of Both
13. Out in the Parking Lot
14. Let Him Roll
15. Texas Cookin'
16. Desperados Waiting for a Train


01. Cold Dog Soup
02. Fort Worth Blues
03. Sis Draper
04. Ain't No Trouble to Me
05. Water Under the Bridge
06. Forever, for Always, for Certain
07. Men Will Be Boys
08. Indian Head Penny - Chords
09. Bunkhouse Blues
10. Red River
11. Die Tryin'
12. Be Gone Forever

2002 - THE DARK

01. Mud
02. Arizona Star
03. Magnolia Wind
04. Soldier's Joy, 1864
05. Dancin' Days
06. Homeless
07. Off the Map
08. Bag of Bones
09. She Loves to Ride Horses
10. Rex's Blues
11. Queenie's Song
12. The Dark


01. Walkin' Man
02. Magdalene
03. Tornado Time in Texas
04. Funny Bone
05. Exposé
06. Out in the Parkin' Lot
07. No Lonesome Tune
08. Cinco de Mayo in Memphis
09. Analog Girl
10. Worry B Gone
11. Diamond Joe


01. Some Days You Write the Song
02. The Guitar
03. Hemingway's Whiskey
04. The Coat
05. All She Wants Is You - Chords
06. If I Needed You
07. Hollywood
08. Eamon
09. Wrong Side of the Tracks
10. One Way Ticket Down
11. Maybe I Can Paint Over That


01. Cornmeal Waltz
02. My Favorite Picture of You
03. Hell Bent on a Heartache - Chords
04. El Coyote
05. Heroes
06. Rain in Durango - Chords
07. Good Advice
08. The Death of Sis Draper
09. Waltzing Fool
10. The High Price of Inspiration
11. I'll Show Me


01. Baby I'm Yours
02. Bluebird Wine
03. Cheer Up Little Darling
04. Connected to the Storm
05. Elijah's Church - Chords
06. Jenny Dreamed of Trains
07. Just to Watch Maria Dance
08. The Last Hobo
09. Step Inside This House
10. Time


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