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Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, better known as Rodriguez (born July 10, 1942), is an American folk-rock singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan.

Rodriguez achieved some success in Australia and New Zealand in the 70's, and did two short tours there in 1979 and 1981. Unbeknownst to himself until 1998, he has been extremely successful in South Africa since his records were bootlegged and imported in the early 70's. He toured South Africa in 1998 and remained unknown in the United States until 2012 when a documentary about him, Searching for Sugar Man, won the Academy Award.

There are various websites on the Internet for Rodriguez chords and lyrics, but none of them is accurate enough. So I decided to make this page myself to create a collection of Sixto Rodriguez chords and lyrics as accurate as possible. It's still under construction by now. If you want to request the chords to a particular song that is still unavailable on this page, feel free to post a request in our forum.

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1970 - COLD FACT

01. Sugar Man
02. Only Good for Conversation
03. Crucify Your Mind
04. This Is Not a Song, It's an Outburst, Or, the Establishment Blues
05. Hate Street Dialogue
06. Forget It
07. Inner City Blues
08. I Wonder
09. Like Janis
10. Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme)
11. Rich Folks Hoax
12. Jane S. Piddy
13. I'll Slip Away
14. You'd Like to Admit It


01. Climb Up on My Music
02. A Most Disgusting Song
03. I Think of You
04. Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour
05. Silver Words
06. Sandrevan Lullaby: Lifestyles
07. To Whom It May Concern
08. It Started Out So Nice
09. Halfway Up the Stairs
10. Cause
11. Can't Get Away
12. Street Boy
13. I'll Slip Away


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