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Bob Gibson Chords & Lyrics

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This list is in alphabetical order. If you're not sure about the song title, try using "Ctrl + F" to find it.

I made this page to create a collection of Bob Gibson chords and lyrics as complete as possible. It's still under construction by now. If you want to request the chords to a particular song that is still unavailable on this page, feel free to post a request in our forum.

The chords marked with an asterisk "*" are taken from official songbooks. The chords marked with two asterisks "**" were transcribed by other people and I've confirmed accurate, but not from official sources. The rest were all transcribed by myself.

Please note that even official songbooks may also have a lot of chords wrong. I'm keeping the chords on this page as accurate as possible.

The page is updated every few days, so please be sure you don't forget to refresh the page everytime you visit.

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Jason Wang


About Time
And Lovin' You - Chords
Army of Children - Chords
Baby, If You Don't Know Now - Chords
Bein' on the Road
Billy Come Home
Box of Candy and a Piece of Fruit - Chords
Cindy Dreams of California - Chords
Civil War Trilogy
Daddy Roll 'Em - Chords
Dead on the Run
Don't Let It Rain on Me - Chords
Easy Now
Farewell Party
Funky in the Country - Chords
Get Away
The Golden Kiss
Great Lakes Song
Heavenly Choir
Here Comes Another "I Love Texas" Song - Chords
Homemade Music - Chords
How Could You Do This to Me? - Chords
I Hear America Singing
I Never Got to Know Her Very Well
I'd Love to Love You (But Your Time Is Just a Little Off)
Just a Thing I Do - Chords
Killed By a Coconut
The Last Love Song - Chords
The Last Reunion - Chords
Leaving for the Last Time - Chords
Let the Band Play Dixie - Chords
Living Legend - Chords
Lookin' for the You in Someone New - Chords
Lookin' for Trouble
Makin' a Mess of Commercial Success
The Man Who Turns the Damn Thing Off and On
Me and Jimmie Rodgers
Mendocino Desperados
Mendocino Shuffle All Day Long
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore
Middle Aged Groupies
The New Frankie and Johnny Song
Nothing's Real Anymore - Chords
One More Parade
Outlaw - Chords
Piece of Ass - Chords
The Rest of the Night
Row, Row, Row
Sam Stone
Sing for the Song
Sing Us Some of the Old Songs - Chords
Skillet Good and Greasy
Spoon River
Steal Away
Stella's Got a New Dress
Still Gonna Die
Stops Along the Way
The Tarot and the Banjo - Lyrics
That's the Way It's Gonna Be - Chords
Tom Cattin' Time - Chords
Too Many Martyrs
2:19 Blues
Underneath the Cover
Well, Well, Well - Chords
What You Gonna Do
What You Gonna Do About Love? - Chords
Yes I See
Yes, Mr. Rodgers
You Can Tell the World


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