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First Snow

G Bm Em D First snow on the autumn ground G Bm Em D Covers the grass where once she lay down. G C G Em Blanket of white, grass out of sight. C D Where did she go? C D Tell me, first snow.

First snow, cover my mistakes.
Cover the past with your lovely flakes.
Perfect white sheet, beneath my feet.
I hurt her so.
Cleanse me, first snow.

First snow, down you dart,
Cold as the winter, cold as my heart,
Fall from the sky, please tell me why.
I let her go,
And lost her first snow.

[Whistle the verse]

First snow, down you fall.
I feel your heartbeat, I hear your call.
So I'll lay still. Fall if you will.
With autumn I go,
Please hurry, first snow.

(Words and music by Phil Ochs, 1963)

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