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18. Michael   (2018-03-09 9:42 PM)
Hi-May I please know the name of our host on"Come,Read to Me a Poem"?She introduces Phl Ochs in 1967 on WNYE TV
Thanking you,
Mike Davis

17. Laura   (2017-05-21 4:24 PM)
Dear Jason,

I've posted a message here already but haven't received a response yet. Please, please can you send me the 1975/12/?? - Larry Sloman's Apartment, New York, NY Demo. (I already know about the one David Peller released). I'm a huge Phil Ochs fan too, and I know how it feels to have songs you want for years but never get them (as I think you do with a proper When I'm Gone performance).

So I'm asking for you to please send this recording to me. If you can't send the whole performance, please just send me the Street Actor performances to me. I really want to hear other recordings of that song.

Please send what you can to:

I would be massively in your debt.

Kind Regards,


16. Vickie Hatch   (2017-04-18 3:26 AM)
Hi Jason - I am a really old John Denver fan. My son recently said that "John Denver must have visited you from his grave because you are obsessed!" I went to a concert when I was in high school between 1975 - 1978 in Salt Lake City, UT. Do you know about that concert? Do you know if there is a recording of it? I'd love to hear it if possible.

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15. BrosSt   (2017-04-03 2:53 PM) E-mail
Green Day is a famous country singer, so don't miss the possibility to visit
Answer: Sir, are you sure that Green Day is a country singer?

14. Laura   (2017-02-28 6:35 AM)
Dear Jason,

I'm known as LauraMajestic on YT and I've uploaded various Phil Ochs songs on YT. I've just discovered this site. This is truly incredible, how did you get all of this?

There's one that I particularly REALLY, REALLY want; the 1975/12/?? - Larry Sloman's Apartment, New York, NY Demo. (I already know about the one David Peller released). I'm really interested in the demos Ochs wrote for the Duel in the Sun album so I'm dying to hear these songs. I know I'm asking for a lot here, but I would really, really be in your debt if you could send me that bootleg. It would make my year!

I promise not to upload it on youtube without your permission. I just want it for my own pleasure tongue

Kind Regards,


13. Cami   (2017-01-09 8:41 PM)
Hi Jason,

Sorry about the email for the song that I thought was not JD's. I apoplogize. I am going to go through my albums and see if I can find it. Sorry I shot my mouth off, if I offended you in any way I am truly sorry. Please forgive me. I have had a lot on my mind.

Your website is awesome. I can't believe you have so much stuff on JD. It is amazing.

Answer: You're welcome Cami.

No, I'm not offended. Anyone is welcome to post on my Guestbook, as long as he/she is not spamming. Feel free to say anything here. Boot Leg might be snide and mean sometimes but he's a nice guy too. Actually he is responsible for the JD chords and lyrics pages, not me.

If you want the song, you can find it on the "Beginnings with The Mitchell Trio" LP, or go to to find a live version.


12. Boot Leg [Bootleg]   (2017-01-06 1:36 AM)
Dear Cami,

This here is Boot Leg, the co-owner of this website.

I'm here to tell you that Business... is a John Denver song.

You can argue that it's crap. I can also tell you it's among the top 10 John Denver songs.

It's OK. People have their opinions and I respect that.

But you cannot deny the FACT that


If you feel pissed off, it's John Denver who offended you, not us.

Face it. And get a life.


Boot Leg

P.S. Here is a quote from John Denver himself, after someone was offended by one of his songs:

"I never mean to offend anybody with any of the songs that I do... I just think those songs are very well-written, basically true..."
Answer: Lol. You're full of shit

11. Cami   (2016-12-28 8:58 AM)
Hi Jason,

The lyrics to Business as Usual are not John Denver's. He did not write that song. I was really shocked and offended when I read those lyrics and heard the song. Please take John Denver's name off of that song since it is not his and it is really offensive.

The rest of the site is awesome. I am sorry I had to write something wrong, but I needed to let you know how I felt about that song.
Answer: Hi Cami,

Thanks a lot for the comments.

No, that song was not written by John Denver, but John Denver DID sing it, almost at every concert back in the late 60's. It's a shame that it offended you. The song was recorded on an album by The Mitchell Trio featuring John Denver.

I guess you should know that John did a lot of songs written by other people. Country Roads was written by Bill & Taffy, Whose Garden Was This was written by Tom Paxton, Today was written by Randy Sparks, just to name a few. Business Goes on as Usual just falls into that category. You can't say Country Roads is not a John Denver song, can you?

I've noted that the song was written by Fred Hellerman and Fran Minkoff... But SUNG BY John Denver.

Hope this helps,


10. JudLege   (2016-12-24 2:55 PM)
Hi Jason. I was wondering if you could upload the full concert of 1973/08/14 - Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO (including Country Roads). I would highly appreciate it. Also the second Red Rocks concert below that one has an incorrect date. It was actually on 6/27/1974. I am almost positive that is the correct date. I at first thought it was 1973 but found myself to be wrong. I appreciate the hard work that you put into your website. I really like it. Thank You.
Answer: Hi Jud,

Thanks for the comments.

You can download the entire concert at If you want lossless files you can go to to get it. (You must have a BT client to download from that site.)

I'd argue about the date. In 1974 John's band would include Steve Weisberg and Hal Blaine, but neither was featured on the Red Rocks concerts. Both Red Rocks concerts featured Paul Prestopino, who left John's band in 1974. So I'm almost positive that both are from 1973.

All the best,


9. John Muyres   (2016-12-19 8:57 AM)
There is a recording of John Denver in the Arizona Boys Choir.
Answer: - )

8. John Muyres   (2016-12-19 7:54 AM)
I once was in contact with someone who had a recording of John Denver in the Arizona Boys Choir. I hope to find this person again and see if they can make a copy for me.
Answer: Thanks John.

I know that recording but never come by a copy myself. Can you recognize JD's voice in that recording?



7. Bert   (2016-06-14 0:43 AM)
I stumbled on this your website. Compliments for all the work you have put into it!!! Thanks for the John Denver show in the Congresgebouw in The Hague on Dime (That's how I got here...) I have been to another John Denver concert in the Netherlands that year; in the Jaap Edenhal in Amsterdam on October the 9th. I know that (part of) this concert has been broadcasted for Dutch TV (There are (or were?) a fwe crummy Youtube's of that TV program. This being the first concert I went to with my wife makes it special. If you, or anyone else, has material of that John Denver concert on October 9, 1979, please share it or send me a PM. Thanks in advance!!
Answer: Hi Bert,

Thanks a lot for the kind comments. Sorry but I don't think I have a good copy of that concert. I do have a crappy TAO audio copy somewhere but I think I've tossed it. I'll let you know if I find it.



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6. Robert Eick Jr   (2016-05-03 1:30 AM) E-mail
you're correct about Trent not updating his site.
anything to keep Phil's legacy alive is good.I bookmarked the page and hope you'll start a mailing list
Bob Eick thumb
Answer: Thanks very much, Bob!

I planned to do a "Phil Ochs Setlists" page as well, but haven't started yet. I always think that Trent's page should be better maintained, as it's almost the "official" site for Phil... I just checked those chords on that site, and there are more mistakes than I had expected. The chords are completely wrong for songs like "What's That I Hear" and "Song of My Returning". It needs to be maintained...

As for mailing list, I don't know how to do that, sorry. How does that work?



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5. Smithe42   (2016-04-21 1:20 PM) E-mail
Hey very nice site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds alsoI am happy to find a lot of useful info here in the post, we need work out more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . .
Answer: Thanks...! Glad you like my work!!

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4. Northyorkspaul   (2014-11-14 7:04 AM) E-mail
Hi,your JD website is really good,you must have put a lot of time into it!...have been learning for years 55 now surprised ...went to see JD live in 1986 that got me the bug.I trying to get good enough to load something onto youtube.We will see....anyway just wantred to congratulate you on your work here.P.
Answer: Thanks Paul!

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