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City Boy

Capo 1st fret F Gm I'm just a city boy, born and bred, Bb C It's a city life I've led. F F7 My pasture was a street. Bb Gm I've never climbed a tree. Am D# C Ah, but that's all right with me, F C 'Cause I'm a city boy.

I'm just a city boy, born and raised
From these rooftops I have gazed.
Where the grass was made of steel,
I've never plowed a field,
Till the pavement starts to peel,
I'll be a city boy.

I'm just a city boy, born and grown,
That's all I've ever known.
Where the lights would greet the dawn,
There's a factory for a farm,
Sure the city has its charm
When you're a city boy.

I'm just a city boy, born and bound,
Secret alleys I have found.
Where the buildings seem to sway,
All the white has turned to grey,
But it's here I'm gonna stay,
'Cause I'm a city boy.

'Cause I'm a city boy.

(Words and music by Phil Ochs, 1965)

Notes: Phil originally play the above chords, but if you want to make things easier, place the capo on the 4nd fret and play the chords in the key of D. Thanks to Florian Hoepfel for submitting the fourth verse, and for reminding me that the chords on Trent's site are wrong!

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