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Piece of Ass

C F I was just dancing out of the disco with a lady on each hip, G C A bottle in my pocket, a reefer on my lips. F When a wino in the gutter with a banjo on his knee G Looked up with bleary, knowing eyes, C And he nailed this song on me. C F He said, "Live the life of sweet sensation! G C When it's done, you're gonna find F In spite of all its variations, G C Piece of ass won't bring you peace of mind. C F "Try and make it last forever G C With the help of drugs and wine. F But you can't stay in bed forever, G C And a piece of ass won't bring you peace of mind. G C "There is nothing really matters; D G There is nothing ever lasts. C F There is only one thing sadder: G C Peace of mind won't bring you piece of ass!"

(Words and music by Bob Gibson, 1978)

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