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Jennifer's Rabbit


See also: Jennifer's Rabbit (Later Version)

Em Jennifer slept in her little bed D Em With dreams of a rabbit in her little head. Em Jennifer's rabbit, brown and white, D Left the house and went to town one night Em D Along with a turtle and a kangaroo Em D Em And seventeen monkeys from the city zoo. Am Em They went for a ride on an old street car; D Em They tried to drive it but they didn't get far. Am Em They all got tired and decided to go D Em To see the people in the picture show.

Jennifer's rabbit, white and brown,
Looked in the windows of the shops downtown.
He found a dress for Jennifer to wear,
And a pretty blue ribbon for her long blonde hair.

Then the rabbit and the turtle and the kangaroo
Bowed to each other like polite folks do.
They went to a shop where the cookies are free,
And they all had cookies and oolong tea.

Then, "My!" said the turtle as the clock struck three,
"The hour is growing very late for me."
"Not at all," said the rabbit, "if you give me a chance,
I'll lead all the monkeys in a hula dance!"

So they danced all night and the moon danced too,
Then the rabbit and the turtle and the kangaroo
Jumped into bed and closed their eyes
And were fast asleep before the sun could rise.

And Jennifer slept in her little bed
With dreams of a rabbit in her little head.

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1968)

Notes: Thanks to Boot Leg for pointing out an earlier version of this song. This early version was only sung in the late 60's. The chords here are based on the bonus track from Outward Bound/Morning Again compilation album, which was originally released as a single in the UK in 1968. After 1970, Tom began to sing the "revised" version.

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