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Jennifer's Rabbit


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Capo 5th fret Am (which is actually Asus2 hammered on B string for Am) Am Jennifer slept in her little bed G Am With dreams of a rabbit in her little head. Am Jennifer's rabbit, brown and white, G Left the house and ran away one night Am G Along with the turtle and a kangaroo Am G Am And seventeen monkeys from the city zoo, E Am And Jennifer too. Dm Am They ran through the forest and they all held hands. G Am They came to the ocean with the cookie crumb sands. Dm Am Called it the sea of the very best dreams, G Am And they all built a castle of the best moon beams. E Am And milky way streams.

And there on the sand where the star fish play,
The ship sailed in from the moonbeam bay,
And they all went sailing on the starlight sea
Where they all had cookies with oolong tea,
And Jenny had three.

They danced on the decks of the red-sailed brig;
The monkeys and the sailors did a whirling jig.
Turtle played the fiddle and the rabbit played kazoo,
And they bowed to each other as polite folks do.
And Jenny bowed too.

Then, "My!" said the turtle as the clock struck three,
"The hour is growing very late for me."
"Not at all," said the rabbit, "And I'll tell you why,
We still haven't counted every star in the sky."
Said Jenny, "Let's try."

So they counted on the ship and they counted on the shore;
They counted through the forest to the bedroom door.
They counted in bed till they could count no more,
Then they all fell asleep and the final score
Was a trillion and four.

Dm Am Yes, the rabbit and the turtle and the kangaroo, G Am And Jenny fell asleep like sleepy folks do, E Am Asus2 A Just like you.

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1970)

Notes: Thanks to Boot Leg for correcting the chords and pointing out an earlier version of this song, from 1968's Morning Again album. This "revised" version was sung in The Compleat Tom Paxton and all later albums and concerts after 1970. Tom used to sing the song a cappella back in the 70's.

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