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Wasn't That a Party?

G Coulda been the whisky, mighta been the gin. G7 Coulda been the three or four six packs, I don't know, but won't you look at the mess I'm in? C G A head like a football, I think I'm gonna die. D G But tell me, me oh, me oh my, wasn't that a party?

Someone had a grapefruit, wore it like a hat.
I saw someone under my kitchen table, talkin' to an old tomcat.
He was talkin' 'bout football, and the cat was talkin' back.
Along about then everything went black, but wasn't that a party?

C G I'm sure it's just my memory playin' tricks on me, A D But I believe I saw my buddy sittin' up in my neighbor's tree.

He was singin' a folk song; sounded pretty good.
Woulda sounded better if his wife hadn't made such a racket choppin' up my neighbor's wood.
I think it was his wood pile, but it coulda been his door.
I know she musta got three or four, but wasn't that a party?

Bill and Joe and Tommy, you know they went a little far.
They were sittin' in my front yard, blowin' on the siren of somebody's police car.

And so you see, Your Honour, it was all in fun.
That little bitty track meet down on main street was just to see if the cops could run.
Well, they run us in to see you in an alcoholic haze,
And I sure can use those thirty days to recover from the party.
Yeah, they run us in to see you in an alcoholic haze,
And I sure can use those thirty days, but wasn't that a party?

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1972)

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