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The Cardinal

Am Dm The Cardinal dressed in olive drab, Am Dm He went across the sea. Am Dm He walked across the water, crying, Am Dm "Come and pray with me! Am G Am Come and pray with me!

"For you are Christian soldiers
With Christ's own work to do,
And if Our Lord were living still,
I know he'd be with you!
I know he'd be with you!

"For Jesus was no sissy
But a strong and fearless man.
He'd lead you through this jungle,
His M-16 in hand.
His M-16 in hand."

Then up there spoke a soldier,
"Oh, what am I to do?
I'd like to fight this Christian war,
But alas, I am a Jew.
Alas, I am a Jew!"

The Cardinal and his soldiers met.
They found themselves at loss.
They found the best solution
And they hung him on a cross.
They hung him on a cross.

Then up there spoke some Viet Cong,
"Oh, what are we to do?
We cannot join your army,
But we are Christians, too.
Oh, we are Christians, too."

Then consternation swept the ranks,
No answer could be found.
Till the Cardinal's dispensation came
And they mowed the bastards down.
They mowed the bastards down.

The Viet Cong shot his 'copter down,
He landed with his men.
But on the third day, suddenly,
The Cardinal rose again.
The Cardinal rose again.

And when he heard the Pope was mad,
The Cardinal shook his fist.
"Don't trust the Pope!" The Cardinal cried,
"The Pope's gone Communist!
The Pope's gone Communist!"

"Don't trust the Pope!" The Cardinal cried,
"This is a holy war!
You've killed a lot of Vietnamese,
For Christ's sake, kill some more!
For Christ's sake, kill some more!"

(Words by Tom Paxton, 1967)

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