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Molly Bloom

G G7 I'm in love with Molly Bloom. C C7 I want to have her in my living room, G E A D D7 Whispering sweet nothings in my ear. G G7 When I heard what Molly said, C C7 Good golly, how my ears turned red. G E7 A7 D7 G G7 That's par for the course for Molly Bloom. C C7 Some people are daring; G G7 They get a bit risqué. C C7 When Molly is swearing, G Tacet She's passing the time of day. C C7 People walking on the avenue G E7 Were swearing that the air was blue. A7 D7 G D7 It wasn't a thing but Molly Bloom.

I'm in love with Molly Bloom.
Every sentence is the crack of doom.
She says exactly what's on her mind.
Some people have Freudian slips,
But that's honey from Molly's lips.
That's idle chatter for Molly Bloom.

The Supreme Court met her,
And took her to tea.
And now that they've met her,
They're setting Ralph Ginsburg free.
When Molly starts cutting loose,
Norman Mailer is like Mother Goose.
He's pretty tame for Molly Bloom.

C When Molly has something to say, G I wouldn't miss it. C When Molly is carried away, D D7 She's so explicit! G G7 I'm in love with Molly Bloom. C C7 Her voice is sweet perfume. G E A D D7 Her voice is music to my ears. G G7 She'll write me a letter, I hope, C C7 In an asbestos envelope. G E7 And we will live in a soundproof room, A7 D7 G Just Molly and me, my Molly Bloom!

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1970)

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