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Jesus Christ S.R.O.

Capo 2nd fret G D G D G D G D Jesus, you're making it big on Broadway. G D G G7 Gosh, it's good to see your name in lights! C Singing them rock and roll songs, by golly, G E Bet you, you learned them from Buddy Holly. A D I bet you you kept the Heavenly Choir up late at night, A-picking up a back beat. G D G D Jesus, you're S.R.O. on Broadway. G D G G7 Told us you'd be back, and what do you know? C A wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom, G E Rolled the stone back from the tomb, A D G D And out came Jesus starring in a Broadway show!

Jesus, we needed you here on Broadway.
Business wasn't so good till you came through.
Cecil DeMille made a bundle with you,
But he never knew that you could boogaloo.
Now let me tell you what we're gonna do for you:
We'll put you on a T-shirt.
Jesus, you're a very hot ticket on Broadway.
Always knew you'd make it big somehow.
A wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom,
All you ever needed was a couple good tunes.
Jesus, I bet your Daddy's proud of you now!

G Jesus loves me, this I know, C G/B D/A G Gave me house seats to his show. G Oh, when the cash starts rolling in, D Oh, when the cash starts rolling in, G (G7) C (Cm) Aren't you glad you signed up the Savior, G D G D G D When the cash starts rolling in?

Jesus, you're really the toast of Broadway,
Spreading peace and joy on the old white way.
This time around you're a little bit looser.
All you ever needed was the right producer,
Someone who could tell the Savior what to say:
A be a bop a loo la.
Jesus, you're the biggest star on Broadway,
And what a proper superstar you look!
A golden oldie, a blast from the past,
It's great to see that you've come back at last,
And some day I just have to read the book!

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1972)

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