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Hush Old Man

D G D Hush old man, you sour old man, G A You and your crabbin' are gettin' old. D The Lord himself couldn't make you smile, G G/F# E7 A The weather is always too hot or too cold. D G D Bring me a drink of water, son, G A Cool drink of water would sure taste nice. D I do believe the well's gone bad, G G/F# Em7 A Or maybe you put in too much ice.

Hush old man, you sour old man,
Don't start up with the same complaints.
Drink it just like the young folks do.
I swear you'd rile a trial of saints.

Believe I'd like to sleep outdoors,
Sleep outdoors in the air tonight.
Move my bed where the moon don't shine.
Can't fall asleep in the bright moonlight.

Hush old man, you sour old man,
I'll move your bed and you'll sleep real tight.
Moonlight'll be no problem at all;
A little moonshine and you'll sleep all night.

Open the door and let me in!
Can't quit shakin' or catch my breath.
Timberwolves come south for food,
Like they scared me half to death.

Hush old man, you sour old man,
Swear you'll drive me off the place.
Ain't been wolves for fifty years,
But a Bluetick Hound just a-lickin' your face.

I'm an old man, sure, I'm old and sour,
Crosses to bear and I don't know why.
Day by day and hour by hour,
Too mean to live, too scared to die.

Hush old man, you sour old man.
I can't explain it; no one can.
It's hard for me to speak of love,
So I won't, but stick around, old man!

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1979)

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