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Be a Sport, Afghanistan

Capo 1st fret G D Let me have a word with you: you're a sporting kind of man, D7 C G Captain of the Olympic team here in Afghanistan. C G/B A7 And you don't want to go to Moscow, wonderful! Let me commend your zeal, D D7 But still I hope you won't lose sight of the pure Olympic ideal. G Be a sport, Afghanistan, be a sport! D Not everyone can be a winner; some fall short. D7 G G/F# E7 So you might not win a medal, so you feel a little flat, A7 D7 So you lost a little freedom - Hell, we all have days like that! G Don't be a drag, Afghanistan, don't be a drag. C We'll help you sew a couple of stitches in your flag. C A7/C# G G/F# E7 As you march around the stadium to musical strains, C A7/C# G G/F# E7 Be sure to wave to Lord Killanin and the rest of the brains, C A7/C# G G/F# E7 For you know they'll never listen to the clanking of your chains, A7 D7 G So be a sport, Afghanistan, be a sport!

Don't be rude, Afghanistan, now don't be rude.
Politics and the Olympics don't intrude.
The Olympiad is holy; we observe the niceties.
We're above the the petty squabbles - you can ask the Taiwanese.
Try to smile, Afghanistan, try to smile.
Show the world a little sportsmanship and style.
Just because you've been invaded is no reason to lose heart.
Just because you're in a war you didn't want and didn't start,
Still remember that you have the joy of simply taking part,
So be a sport, Afghanistan, be a sport!

The committee's full of sporting chaps that comes as no surprise,
And we've already ordered our blazers and some ripping Olympic ties.
So it's too late to call the games off - that would never ever do.
And the hopeful eyes of the sporting world are firmly fixed on you.

Rise and shine, Afghanistan, rise and shine!
Help us whip those other nations into line.
They'll believe you if you tell them that the boycott isn't fair.
You've been running for your lives at home - Hell, why not do it there?
Show some class, Afghanistan, show some class!
Just because the Russians saw some greener grass,
Just because you lost some freedom, it's not sporting to complain.
Still you got an invitation and we are happy to explain
That the Russians have agreed that they will take you there by train,
So be a sport, Afghanistan, be a sport!

G You'll be running around Siberia when you run! A7 D7 G Be a sport, Afghanistan, be a sport!

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1980)

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