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Angela and Bill


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C G/B Am C/G F G7 C G/B Am From a moment of joy came Angela; F G7 C From a moment of love came Bill. G/B Am I loved them from their very first breath, F G7 And I know I always will. F C They are walking, talking miracles, F G7 And they cannot once be still. C G/B Am They are full time kids and that's enough F G7 C G/B Am C/G F G7 For Angela and Bill.

The adventures are all continuous;
The excitement is all non-stop.
From hide and seek in grocery stores
To a ride on the kitchen mop.
And if sometimes while I'm watching them,
My eyes begin to fill.
Well, that's what comes from loving them -
My Angela and Bill

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1976)

Notes: This short little song, written in 1976 for a BBC TV programme, may very well be the prototype for the 2006 song, "Jennifer and Kate". Though written 30 years apart, the chord progression used in the two songs are very similar, and they both talk about parenthood.

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