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Yuppies in the Sky

Am G As I walked out one evening, down Columbus Avenue, Am The sushi bars were shuttered, the dark cantinas, too. C Dm I stood there in the darkness, as an empty cab rolled by Am E7 Am When, all at once, I heard the sound of Yuppies in the sky.

The herd came down Columbus, for as far as I could see.
All the men were wearing Polo, and the women wore Esprit.
Each Yuppie had a Walkman, and as each one passed me by,
I saw their sad expressions, and I heard their mournful cry.

C Am "Condos for sale! Condos to buy E7 Am For Yuppies in the sky."

Each one was wearing running shoes, upon the ghostly deck.
And each one had a cotton sweater, wrapped around the neck.
They all held out their credit cards, and tried in vain to buy,
But all the stores were shuttered, to the Yuppies in the sky.

"Condos for sale! Condos to buy
For Yuppies in the sky."

I've seen them in commercials, sailing boats and playing ball,
Pouring beer for one another, crying, "Why not have it all?".
Now I saw the ghostly progress, down Columbus Avenue,
And it made me want to buy myself a BMW.

"Condos for sale! Condos to buy
For Yuppies in the sky."

All the salad bars were empty. All the Quiche Lorraine was gone.
I heard the Yuppies crying, as they vanished in the dawn,
Calling brand names to each other, as they faded from my view.
They'll be networking forever, down Columbus Avenue.

"Condos for sale! Condos to buy
For Yuppies in the sky."

(Parody of "Ghost Riders in the Sky", Tom Paxton, 1985)

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