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The Wild Idaho

C F C Down by the river by the water so cold, G7 C I met my true love a long time ago.

My true love said farewell to me,
"I'm going to my family to the wild prairie.

"My momma and daddy are bound to go,
They heard there's land in Idaho.

"And I've been told I cannot stay -
I must leave with them at the break of day."

Early next morning at the break of day,
I watched their wagon pulled away.

My true love left this note to me
Saying, "Darling, remember me."

A year went by, but I could not rest -
I felt the pain deep within my breast.

I soon resolved myself to go
To the wild prairies of the wild Idaho.

I met some wagons in St. Joe
Bound overland to Idaho.

The trail-boss said, "You'll work for your way,
Just mind what I tell you and do what I say."

I left the wagons in the spring of the year
Searching the prairies just to find my dear.

And when the ground was white with snow,
I came at last to the wild Idaho.

How long I wandered, no one can say.
No one to help me to show me the way.

Until one evening, as I lay down to rest,
Down by the river with the sun in the west,

I felt a hand upon my brow
And a voice saying, "Darling, you've come home now."

No more to wander in the wind and snow
On the wild prairies of the wild Idaho.

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1963)

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