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Capo 2nd fret Am Oh, my wife's name is Lorena, And you really shoulda seen her. E7 "She is beautiful" is what I always said. My name is John Wayne Bobbitt. I work hard at my job; it Am Was my right to have a little fun in bed. Am Well, she wasn't in the mood then, And I must've gotten rude then, A7 Dm And I guess I got a little out of line. I was finished; I was sleeping Am When Lorena came in creeping, E7 Am - E/B - E - Am - E/B - E And she took something important that was mine.

Yes, my angry little wifey
Took her little kitchen knifey,
And she did a little homemade surgery.
She took the knife I bought her,
She made me a little shorter,
And she took off with the very best of me.

She jumped into her Toyota,
She took off with my promoter,
And she knew how much I missed her when she'd gone.
Then Lorena told a coppy
Where she'd flung my little floppy,
And a very kindly doctor sewed it on.

I got back my little buddy,
It's my little understudy,
And it's going to work, according to reports.
But it cowers and it cringes
And it's tender round the hinges,
So I guess I'd better keep it in my shorts!

(Words and music by Tom Paxton, 1994)

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