Noel Paul Stookey, Tim O'Brien, Tom Paxton & Mark Schatz - 2012/10/14 - The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. (Video)

01. This Train Is Bound for Glory [Paul & Tom]
02. Roll On, Columbia, Roll On [Tom, Paul & Tim]
03. Buffalo Dreams [Tom]
04. Ramblin' Boy [Tom, Tim and Paul]
05. The Sun Jumped Up [Tim]
06. Buffalo Skinners [Tim]
07. Pastures of Plenty [Tom & Tim]
08. Car Song [Tim, Paul & Tom]
09. Hard Travelin' [Tom, Tim & Paul]
10. Dusty Old Dust [Tim, Tom & Paul]
11. This Land Is Your Land [Tom, Paul & Tim]

Band: Tom Paxton, Noel Paul Stookey - acoustic guitar, vocals; Tim O'Brien - fiddle, mandolin, vocals; Mark Schatz - double bass.

Source: TV broadcast - Kennedy Center Television - Woody Guthrie at 100.

Notes: A Woody Guthrie Centennial celebration concert.