Tom Paxton - 2006/05/21 - The Linda Norris Auditorium, Albany, NY

01. Eight More Miles to Louisville [by Eric Weissberg]
02. Deep River Blues [by Eric Weissberg]
03. Tennessee Blues [by Eric Weissberg]
04. I'm My Own Grandpa [by Eric Weissberg]

05. John Ashcroft and the Spirit of Justice
06. Bobbitt
07. On the Road from Srebrenica
08. Whose Garden Was This?
09. My Pony Knows the Way
10. Getting Up Early
11. My Favorite Spring
12. Looking for the Moon
13. Bottle of Wine
14. Did You Hear John Hurt?
15. Banjo Medley [by Eric Weissberg]
16. Dueling Banjos
17. Jennifer's Rabbit
18. Katy
19. Jennifer and Kate
20. Marry Me Again
21. The Last Thing on My Mind
22. The Last Thing on My Mind (Parody)
23. Ramblin' Boy
24. The Bravest
25. Peace Will Come

Band: Tom Paxton - acoustic guitar, vocals; Eric Weissberg - slide guitar, banjo.

Source: FM broadcast – Unknown.