Tom Paxton - 1983/01/05 - Anderson Fair, Houston, TX

01. Life
02. I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
03. When Annie Took Me Home
04. Fare Thee Well, Cisco
05. The Marvelous Toy
06. My Favorite Spring
07. Hand Me Down My Jogging Shoes
08. Be a Sport, Afghanistan
09. He May Be Slow
10. Phil
11. Ramblin' Boy

12. A Truly Needy Family
13. I Am Changing My Name to Chrysler
14. I Thought You Were an Arab
15. We All Sound the Same
16. Who Speaks for Me?
17. The Perfect Bomb
18. Whose Garden Was This?
19. Something Wrong With the Rain
20. Let the Sunshine
21. Not Tonight, Marie
22. She Sits on the Table

Band: Tom Paxton - acoustic guitar, vocals.

Source: Audience recording - Sony 939 ECM Stereo Microphone.