Tom Paxton - 1979/08/01 - Charlotte's Web, Rockford, IL

01. Life
02. I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
03. Gas Line Romance
04. When Annie Took Me Home
05. Has Annie Been in Tonight?
06. Hand Me Down My Jogging Shoes
07. Hush Old Man
08. The Love of Loving You
09. Bad Old Days
10. All Clear in Harrisburg
11. Feed the Children
12. My Favourite Spring
13. Let the Sunshine [w/ Jim Post]
14. Don't Forget Your Waitress
15. The Last Thing on My Mind [w/ Jim Post]

16. Outlaw [w/ Bob Gibson]
17. Box of Candy and a Piece of Fruit [w/ Bob Gibson]
18. Saturday Night
19. That's The Way It Seems to Me
20. Home to Me Is Anywhere You Are
21. A Golf Ball Often Has a Mind of Its Own
22. Bad Old Days
23. Did You Hear John Hurt?
24. My Favourite Spring
25. When Annie Took Me Home
26. Ramblin' Boy

Band: Tom Paxton - acoustic guitar, vocals; Bob Gibson - 12-string guitar, banjo, vocals; Jim Post - vocals.

Source: Soundboard recording from Snapshot Music.

Notes: This concert was a double bill with Bob Gibson. This very version of "Box of Candy and a Piece of Fruit" was also released on Bob's 1980 live album, The Perfect High.