Phil Ochs - 1974/08/09 - Riverboat, Toronto, ON

01. The Bells
02. There But for Fortune > *Give My Love to Rose [Johnny Cash Cover] > *Sing Me Back Home [Merle Haggard cover] > There But for Fortune
03. I'm Going to Say It Now
04. The Ballad of the Carpenter [Ewan MacColl cover]
05. Outside of a Small Circle of Friends
06. Joe Hill
07. Draft Dodger Rag
08. Here's to the State of Richard Nixon

09. Flower Lady
10. Pretty Smart on My Part
11. The Marines Have Landed on the Shores of Santo Domingo
12. I Ain't Marching Anymore
13. Cross My Heart
14. Crucifixion
15. *Shoals of Herring [Ewan MacColl cover]
16. Pleasures of the Harbor
17. The Power and the Glory
18. The Party
19. *How High's the Watergate?
20. Boy in Ohio

Band: Phil Ochs - acoustic guitar, vocals.

Source: Audience recording.

Notes: I don't have a copy of this concert.