Phil Ochs - 1974/03/10 - Quiet Knight Club, Chicago, IL

01. Flower Lady
02. Is There Anybody Here?
03. That's the Way It's Gonna Be [w/ Bob Gibson]
04. No More Songs [w/ Jim Glover]
05. The Ballad of the Carpenter [Ewan MacColl cover]
06. Outside of a Small Circle of Friends
07. Changes [w/ Jim Glover]
08. The Power and the Glory [w/ Jim Glover]
09. Here's to the State of Richard Nixon
10. *How High's the Watergate?
11. When I'm Gone [w/ Arlo Guthrie]

Band: Phil Ochs - acoustic guitar, vocals; Bob Gibson - 12 string guitar and vocals on "That's the Way It's Gonna Be"; Jim Glover - guitar and vocals on tracks 4, 7 and 8; Arlo Guthrie - harmony vocals on "When I'm Gone".

Source: Soundboard recording.

Notes: Some sources list this concert as from March 17th, 1974.