Patrick Sky, Dave Van Ronk & Phil Ochs - 1973/04/21 - Free Music Store, New York, NY

01. Frankie and Johnny [Pat]
02. Casey Jones [Dave]
03. Flower Lady [Phil]
04. *Fire Truck [Pat]
05. You Ain't So Such a Much [Dave]
06. Pretty Smart on My Part [Phil]
07. Ramblin' Hunchback [Pat w/ Dave]
08. The Legend of the Dead Soldier [Dave]
09. Here's to the State of Richard Nixon [Phil]
10. The Pope [Pat w/ Dave]
11. Mamie's Blues [Dave]
12. Lucky Me [Pat]
13. Joe Hill [Phil]
14. Pastures of Plenty [Dave]
15. Luang Prabang [Dave w/ Pat]

Band: Patrick Sky, Dave Van Ronk, Phil Ochs - acoustic guitar, vocals.

Source: FM broadcast - WBAI-FM.