John Prine - 1973/12/09 - Avery Fisher Hall, New York, NY

01. Spanish Pipedream
02. The Accident
03. Sweet Revenge
04. Donald and Lydia
05. Sam Stone
06. Dear Abby
07. Paradise
08. Clocks and Spoons
09. Onomatopoeia
10. Rocky Mountain Time
11. Pretty Good
12. Christmas in Prison
13. Mexican Home
14. Hello in There
15. Grandpa Was a Carpenter
16. Illegal Smile
17. The Great Compromise
18. Souvenirs
19. The Late John Garfield Blues
20. Please Don't Bury Me
21. Often Is a Word I Seldom Use
22. A Good Time
23. Everybody

Band: John Prine - acoustic guitar, vocals.

Source: Audience recording.

Notes: Robert Christgau, a famous rock critic, attended this show and wrote a review afterwards titled "Singing With a Heart at Least as Big as Avery Fisher Hall".