Harry Chapin, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot & James Taylor - 1977/10/15 - Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI

01. Take Me Home, Country Roads [John w/ Harry]
02. Back Home Again [John]
03. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald [Gordon]
04. If Children Had Wings [Gordon]
05. You've Got a Friend [James]
06. Something in the Way She Moves [James]
07. Cat's in the Cradle [Harry]
08. I Wonder What Would Happen to Him [Harry]
09. Saturday Night in Toledo, Ohio [John]
10. Sunshine on My Shoulders [John]
11. Don Quixote [Gordon]
12. Irish Lullaby [Gordon & John]
13. Partners [Gordon]
14. Carolina in My Mind [James]
15. Fire and Rain [James]
16. Gorilla [James]

17. Mr. Tanner [Harry w/ John]
18. W.O.L.D. [Harry]
19. Boy From the Country [John]
20. Grandma's Feather Bed [John]
21. Annie's Song [John]
22. If You Could Read My Mind [Gordon]
23. Songs the Minstrel Sang [Gordon]
24. Secret O' Life [James]
25. Sweet Baby James [James w/ John]
26. Mexico [James]
27. Taxi [Harry w/ John]
28. 30,000 Pounds of Bananas [Harry]
29. Steamroller [James]
30. I'm Not Supposed to Care [Gordon]
31. Happy Birthday [John]
32. Rocky Mountain High [John]

Band: Harry Chapin, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor - acoustic guitar, vocals; Terry Clements - acoustic guitar.

Source: Audience recording.

Notes: "Four Together - Concert for World Hunger". Organized by Harry Chapin. Unfortunately, Harry, Gordon and James didn't sing with each other in this concert, but they all collaborated with John every once in a while. The highlight of the concert is John singing the high falsetto part in Harry Chapin's "Taxi".