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Victory Is Peace

 | A*9fr/D | G*7fr/D |Am*5fr/D | G*3fr/D |

Capo 1st fret A*9fr/D G*7fr/D Am*5fr/D G*3fr/D C G C G A G C G Across the seas, we chase the sun. C G To light the true Olympic flame, D And pass it on to everyone. Am G To stand beside my friends - C D All the people of the world, G C D And to seek the victory in peace. Em A C G Em A C G C Cmaj7 G And in the end, the victory is peace...

(Words and music by John Denver, Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert, 1972)

Notes: This is a song that John Denver wrote and performed with Fat Coty (Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert) in 1974. As it was used as the theme song for the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics, many people still remember the tune, but it was never commercially available so most people have never heard it again since 1972. The song is very rare - only 200 copies were ever made of the only promo LP it was on.

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