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The New Land

Capo 1st fret Gadd11 C/G - G C/G G C/G As a dream is born in darkness, G C/G A seed begins to grow. G C/G The land provides the shelter; G C/G The dream provides the glow. G C/G We have this dream - America, G C/G A vision bright and clear. G C/G In the freedom we are seeking, G D/F# We have planted ourselves here. Am D In the space that we call living, G C We shall see what we can be. Am D In the space that we call sharing, G D/F# We will raise a family. G C/G In the rain and in the sunshine, G C/G We will make this land our home. G - C/G This land is home. G - C/G - G This is our home.

(Words and music by John Denver, 1974)

Notes: This song was written for the 1974 TV series The New Land, but the series was discontinued due to low ratings. There is no available video footage of the series to this day.

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