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This Road

G D G D G C G This road winds down through the valley, Am D7 G Through the warm green meadows I call home. G7 C A Turn around, and it leads across the mountains, G C G Where the wind keeps telling me to roam.

Down this road there's a fire always burning.
There's a place at the table set for me.
It's the same road that leads way over yonder,
Where there's such a lot of world I'd like to see.

           G                C               G
There's so much of this old world I long to see.

        C            G
Tell my momma not to worry.
  Am               D7              G
I couldn't bear to know I made her cry.
        C            G
Tell my poppa if you see him.
  Em                A7               D7
I tried, but I just couldn't say goodbye.

I long to see the places they call somewhere -
It's been my dream ever since my life began.
And someday when my wandering days are over,

        G                C
I'll be coming back this road -
              G                C
You'll see me walking down the road -
        G                C
I'll be coming back this road:
A better man.

(Words and music by Randy Sparks, 1964)

Notes: Randy Sparks, the leader and founder of folk group The New Christy Minstrels, wrote this song specially for John Denver at the very beginning of his career.

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