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The Game Is Over

G D Time, there was a time, C G You could talk to me without speaking. C G You would look at me and I'd know D D7 All there was to know. G D/F# Em Days I think of you Bm D D7 And remember the lies we told G D/F# Em In the night, the love we knew, Bm G7 The things we shared when our hearts C D D7 Were beating together. G D/F# Em Days that were so few Bm D G Full of love and you. Am7 D7 G Gone, the days are gone now, Em/B A7 D7 Days that seem so wrong now. G D/F# Em Life won't be the same Bm D D7 Without you to hold again G D/F# Em In my arms to ease the pain, Bm G7 And remember when our love C D D7 Was a reason for living. G D/F# Em Days that were so few Bm D Em Full of love and you. G D The game is o-ver.

(Music by Pierre Bourtayre and Jean Bouchety, Words by John Denver, 1967)

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