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Capo 4th fret C C/B Am Am7/G Dm Bb - Bb/A - Bb/G - Bb/F When I was a young man, I ran away from home, I went to join the circus. Dm G C Em7/B Am Went to see the cotton candy world and make me lots of money on my own C Em7/B Am Am7/G F C For Molly, oh, my pretty Molly, but she's waiting all alone. F G C - Cmaj7 - C - Cmaj7 Someday soon I will return to her.

Then I made the big time, bright lights, show biz, I'm really in the circus.
There's only one thing wrong - I haven't saved a penny on my own
For Molly, oh, my pretty Molly, but she's writing everyday.
Molly understands, so it's okay.

D# C Ride a windy box car, see a thousand children young and old. D# C Em/B Am Am7/G Oh, that greasepaint smile can hide your soul. Dm Am Here comes a carousel, guess which town it is, feel the thrill. Dm E Eadd9 Greasepaint covers everything but winter's chill.

[Instrumental verse]

Dm Bb - Bb/A - Bb/G - Bb/F I'm reading Molly's letter. Dm G7 C Em7/B Am The ink is fading and the page is turning yellow, long ago. C Em7/B Am Am7/G F C I promised Molly, don't you know, I... F G C - C/B - Am - Am7/G - C I will close my eyes and go to her.

(Words and music by Biff Rose, 1967)

Notes: Biff's original version is in the key of F instead of E. Also play a Cadd#11 instead of Cmaj7.

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