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Anything Love Can Buy

Capo 5th fret C Am Fmaj7 G C Am Fmaj7 G C Am F C I'll buy you the glow of an evening star, C7 F A song of the winds that cry. Dm G Dm G Promise you more than all you can dream, Dm G C G Anything love can buy. C Am F C I'll give you the gold at the rainbow's end, C7 F The clouds of a summer sky. Dm G Dm G Tell me your wish, and so it shall be, Dm G C C7 Anything love can buy. F Em Dm C Silver brooks flowing down to the sea, F G C C7 Daffodils kissed by the sun: F Em Dm C These are the treasures fortune gave me, Dm D G Money I have none.

Wise men will tell you love is the game,
Even a fool knows why.
Rich man or poor, he can possess,
Anything love can buy.

Soft green meadows that sparkle with dew
Far as your eyes can see:
This is the kingdom I give to you
For the love you give to me.

Come walk by my side and hold my hand,
We'll build our castles high.
I'll give you the whole wide world on a string,

Dm       G        C
Anything love can buy.
Dm       G        C   Am   Fmaj7   G   C
Anything love can buy.

(Words and music by Randy Sparks, 1964)

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